With my recent Tarte order (the other review is coming soon!) I received a sample of the Tarte Amazonian Clay Double Detox Facial. Quite a name for such a small tube! I do enjoy a good face mask and couldn’t wait to try it.

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I love a good mattifying powder and I have one from Essence that I use almost everyday. Etos sent me this to test it out and of course, I did! Etos is a Dutch so I’m afraid this isn’t available for my international readers.

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Inspired by precious jewelry and dazzling gowns our 5 new ZOEVA Graphic Eyes+ sparkle in a range of gemstone hues from ruby red to topaz blue. The allure of shimmer never fades. Rebellious yet en vogue our new ZOEVA Graphic Eyes+ are made to stand out strong and proud. The soft and creamy texture ensures a smooth and comfortable eyeliner application. Richly pigmented in color the Graphic Eyes+ are easy to blend without loosing intensity. The longlasting, waterproof formula dries within 60 seconds to a smudge proof finish.


I’d been wanting to try the Kat von D Tattoo Liner for a while and when Sephora was still shipping to my forwarding address, I ordered it. This is the colour Trooper.

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This A Passionate Quest Quad is a part of the A Novel Romance collection. This collection has already been released in the US and is soon to be released in the Netherlands!

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I loved, loved, loved the first LORAC pro palette, which I had bought just in time for number two to come out. So of course, I had to get it. I actually managed to buy this through Amazon.com and it was shipped directly to the Netherlands, awesome!

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I have just received an update concerning the online launch of the new M.A.C Cosmetics The Simpsons collection which was originally scheduled for 4 September in The Netherlands. The launch will now take place on 28 August via the Dutch M.A.C website. So put the new date on your calendar!