M.A.C and Miley Cyrus? That sounds like a great combination! The collection will be out early 2015!

I know there are some more nail polish addicts here so I thought I would share this email I got this morning about the ILNP sale. As you may know, they have a new bottle design coming soon so to purge the stock of the old bottle they are holding a one day 30% off sale!


1 Day. 30% OFF. Everything.

Hey everyone, as you may have heard we’re making a few changes with our brand starting November 1st.

We still have quite a bit of our original inventory in stock so we decided to run a 1 Day Sale and the entire ILNP shop will be 30% OFF!

The sale starts Friday, October 31st at 10AM until 11PM (PT) (If my calculations are correct, that is 6 PM Dutch time)

October 31st will be the last day you’ll be able to purchase ILNP goodies in our first generation round bottles and packaging.

Starting November 1st, every order will be shipped in our new bottles and packaging.

Don’t miss out!

Tomorrow I’ll send everyone a new email with the 30% OFF discount code. I’ll also make sure the discount code is visible on the shop where everyone can see it.

None of these polishes have ever been on sale before so be sure to get your hands on them before they’re all gone and the sale ends!

Click here to browse the ILNP Shop!


I only knew Kenzo from their parfums, who knew they also did skincare? I received this little sample in the mail with the ads.

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I never actually use lip balm, since I heard you can get addicted to it (whether psychological or because of drying ingredients) and I don’t feel like my lips are dry enough that they actually need lip balm. However, Greenland promises an all natural lip balm, with no drying ingredients, I had to check it out.

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I bought this Sundance suncream impulsively (yes, it was by the register). And I wish I hadn’t!

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I’m a big fan of shower mousses and I was very excited to try this Greenland Fruit Emotions Shower Mousse until I noticed it said ‘Strawberry-Anise’. I do not like the smell of anise at all! I tried it anyway, of course!

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I do not believe these the Deborah Milano Rossetto Laque’s are especially new. However, they are new to me. This is in the shade 2.

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